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Monday, September 5, 2005

I have music for everyone. Do IM me if you'd like some. It's the most gorgeous song EVER, by one of my favorite musical geniuses in the world.

In other news, spending the night at my aunt and uncle's house, about an hour away from school.

I've been having some... issues? Just little things that keep piling up, mostly. My beloved camera broke, the repair cost $160, and I may not even have it back until mid-October. Strangely, this has caused me to unleash my creative energy by drawing something that inadvertently reeks of S&M. It wasn't my intention at first; in fact, it was based on A Perfect Circle's song, The Noose (especially the lyrics about pulling the halo down around your neck and choking you with it), but the chains and the cut of the dress? Yeah... Oh, well. There'll be more chains when I'm done (I'm planning on have the chains around her neck drawn towards the viewer, and those at her wrists being pulled away... stuff like that), so you all can see what a sick cookie I truly am. -__-;

Yeah, anyway, the stress of the camera and the money, and a slight bit of homesickness, and still not having my Photoshop CD despite really being irritated with the girl I loaned it to (who, may I note, didn't even mention she had it when I first began worrying about its loss BEFORE SHE MOVED ACROSS THE COUNTRY), and a lot more than slight personal issues with my confused and more-human-and-female-than-I'm-satisfied-with brain... I've had an upset stomach for a couple days. This is unbelievable.

For aurus to actually be put off from food... is truly inconceivable. And yet...

*sigh* But it's rather nice to be here with my aunt and uncle, and not at school for a couple days. Much more peaceful here.

That's all for now. Still no BFP progress, and I know, I have actually had time... but it's all gone into the sick drawing. I'm an awful person.

Much love for all of you, my dears. For those of you not yet school, enjoy your last days of summer!

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