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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Greetings, my dears.

I've been busy with packing and writing my essay... fortunately the latter only consists of about 1000 words, and I'm pretty much allowed to ramble as long as it's clear what I'm rambling about, so I'm not that worried about it. It's the packing that's tough. I've never left home for so long before, it's rather intimidating.

I had dinner today at Sushi Land with a bunch of old friends, and afterwards we gravitated to my house for some cake and general messing around. Brother and I performed Tenacious D's Tribute (which we've had in our repertoire for some time) and Steven Lynch's Superhero for the group, most of whom could and did sing along with both of them.

Good times, those. I don't want to leave everyone, but I've taken lots of pictures and I'm looking forward to starting my years of higher education. XD

Anyway, that said, I haven't had much time for anything BFP-related... Really, people, nobody has auditioned. There has to be someone interested. Even if you're totally uninvolved with the project, could you at least give people a heads-up? Maybe put a note in your next update? Even, dare I say, link to the BFP website (http://www.cucurbitalane.net/bfp) with the pretty butterfly banner? I'd kiss your feet, if you were wearing socks...

... that's all from me. I'm dead exhausted. Haven't been sleeping too well, very fitful, lots of strange dreams and waking up and having trouble going back to sleep... it's ucky. But I'm not going to karate tomorrow because I just can't drag myself out of bed any earlier than ten o'clock these days...

Love you all. The next time I write, I'll probably be at Willamette!

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