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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Mm, computer games.
I bought The Sims Hot Date and Makin' Magic a couple days ago, just installed them... and oh, they are fun. I turned people into toads, then gave myself a temporary donkey head. XD Ahahah. I'm a terrible person.

... and my brother made a family consisting of Satan, Mephostophilis, and Belzebub. Seems like he rather enjoyed seeing The Tragedy of Dr. Faustus at the Shakespeare Festival. *giggle* Looking back, I wish I could have seen that as well, but it was at the same time as Room Service, which I'd already gotten tickets for.

Uhm, anyway, for those who are not yet aware, we still need people auditioning for the open roles for the Bleach Fandub Project. Also, we'd love it if you could submit scripts and things of your favorite scenes. I've currently done as much as will be done from episodes 1 through 3, and I'll finish episode 4 sometime tomorrow, hopefully.

So... uhm... PM me with any questions, and be sure to check the Bleach Fandub Project website for audition information.

Matta ne!

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