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Sunday, July 31, 2005

   Shakespeare is love.
Greetings from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. ^_^;

Brief Bleach-related announcements first, for those of you who don't want to read too much. XD First of all, auditions are still very open, and I am challenging you people who say that you can't act to give it a shot, even if it's just for fun's sake. *evilgrin* Acting's easier than it sounds.

Second of all, I can't update the BFP website from where I am, but here's a shout-out to anyone who'd like to help me with the scripts. If you've a favorite scene or episode that you'd like to see/voice, by all means write it up and send it in! I've only gotten up to episode four, so you can imagine how long this could take if I don't get help. XD I have been using Lunar Fansub's translations, and for the sake of continuity I would prefer that you did the same. Also, if you will be voicing a character in any scenes you write up, please try to make sure their dialogue is synchronized. You don't have to worry about anyone else's, since I'll be sending the scripts for people to time their own dialogue. Please, please, submit as many as you like! I will format and edit them as necessary, so don't worry about that.

That's about it for now; I gotta get off the laptop, it's burning my eyes. XD See you soon!

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