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Sunday, July 24, 2005

   A Note on the Cast List of Bleachness
Hello, my dears! I have returned from the vacation of goodness, and it was much fun.

Anyway, my order of business today, is the Cast List for the Bleach Fandub Project. (BFP is a fun acronym, by the way. BFP. Try saying it aloud. Whee. Or just.... "bfffp." That's even more fun.)

I got off-topic. XD Starting over.

I think we need confirmation from all of the cast members, so we know for certain those who we've cast are okay with their roles and will be able to participate. Duo and I need to know what roles, if any, we will have to re-cast, and we would like to know as soon as possible.

Please send me a PM, e-mail, or instant message stating whether or not you can play the role(s) we have cast you in. If you have any complaints or questions, feel free to do the same. If I don't get a confirmation or denial within two weeks, I will contact you directly, and if I get no reply, outside of extenuating circumstances (vacations, et cetera), we will re-cast your role.

Just to refresh your memory, here is the cast list, one more time. And THIS time, it's alphabetized by character.

Abarai Renji - Enin
Aizen Sousuke - Shanny
Arisawa Tatsuki - Red Tigress
Don Kanonji - Flint
Hinamori Momo - Duo
Hitsugaya Toushirou - Red
Honsho Chizuru - Evil
Ichimaru Gin - Demonboy
Inoue Orihime - NightBeck
Ishida Uryuu - Duo
Kon - Red Tigress
Kuchiki Rukia - Aurus
Kurosaki Ichigo - SomeGuy
Kurosaki Isshin - Flint
Kurosaki Karin - Duo
Kurosaki Yuzu - Fallen
Kusajishi Yachiru - Fallen
Madarame Ikkaku - Evil
Shiba Ganju - Red
Shiba Kuukaku - Evil
Tsumugi Ururu - NightBeck
Urahara Kisuke - Aurus
Yamada Hanatarou - NightBeck
Yasutora Chad - Evil
Yoruichi - Shanny

If you don't recognize your character right away, here is an excellent resource for brief character descriptions. It is divided into three pages, according to which story arc each character appears in, so keep in mind that some characters (especially shinigami) may be found on the second page. There are some spoilers of what happens in the manga (the anime hasn't gotten there yet), so please bear that in mind.


The next order of business in terms of the casting - I would like a little voice sample from everyone who will be participating. Don't be frightened! XD If Duo and I have cast you already, you really can't jeopardize that. However, for the sake of my work on the script, I would like to have a brief voice sample for each character that you will be voicing. This will be very simple and very quick; I don't particularly care about the sound quality, I just need to get an idea of how you'll play your characters.

Here is what I need. Please include each of these, in the given order, in your recording. Send your recording to me via e-mail or MSN file transfer as soon as you can.

1. State your name (or the name you go by online).
2. State the name of the character you are reading for.
3. Introduce yourself as your character. Be as creative as you like with this, but stay true to how you will characterize him/her. You can say as much or as little as you like.
4. Say, as your character, the following, as exactly as possible: "I'd like a number six with a side of fries, a large diet 7-up, and two scoops of licorice ice cream."

If you have more than one character (and most of you do, I believe), please make a separate recording for each character. If we announce that we are re-casting some roles and you wish to audition, please make this recording for the characters you are auditioning for.


I will eventually put together a website with all the information I have, to make it all easier to access. I would also like to have the e-mail addresses of all participants, so if you know I don't have yours already, please drop me a PM.

Lastly, to those who I have sent copies of the working script for the first episode, I'd like to have it back with your character's lines synchronized as soon as you can get it to me. I still have plenty of people to send it to. ^_^; Thanks very much!

My e-mail, for those who don't know it, is webmiss(AT)cucurbitalane(DOT)net and my MSN messenger handle is cucurbitatracy(AT)hotmail(DOT)com

Thank you all for your time, my dears, and I hope to be hearing from you soon!

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