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Monday, July 11, 2005

   The curtain opens! XD
Some of you have already heard the news of greatness, but since I know there are many who we have not contacted over MSN about this, I am honored to present to you... Duo's and my summer project. Fear it well.

We are planning to do, at the very least, the audio portion of an English fandub for Bleach. It is possible that I can get ahold of technology that will allow me to stick the audio tracks with the animation, so keep your fingers crossed, but know that at the very least, we will be releasing some snippets of English dialogue between the characters we have cast.

I have not decided yet what scenes we will do - since we certainly won't be doing all of it, just some selections - but I have in mind a few. People who are involved in them will probably hear from me as soon as Duo and I make our final decisions, but the rest of you may not hear until we begin the recording process. Please bear with us, as this will be a very complicated and difficult experiment, but I personally think it will be tremendous fun, and a very good experience. Everyone who participates will get copies of everything we do, and unless I discover a copyright law that forbids it, I will recommend that those interested in voice acting keep the files for potential use in a resume reel. I know I plan on it. ^_^;

Without further ado... we have The Cast List!

Characters are listed in what I hope is close to an order of appearance. Please forgive me if it's difficult, I really have no inclination to make it easier. XDD I'm just that mean.

Kurosaki Ichigo - SomeGuy
Kuchiki Rukia - Aurus
Inoue Orihime - NightBeck
Yasutora Sado/Chad - Evil
Urahara Kisuke - Aurus
Ishida Uryuu - Duo
Yoruichi - Shanny
Kurosaki Isshin - Flint
Kurosaki Yuzu - Fallen
Kurosaki Karin - Duo
Arisawa Tatsuki - Red Tigress
Tsumugi Ururu - NightBeck
Kon - Red Tigress
Kon Kanonji - Flint
Abarai Renji - Enin
Ichimaru Gin - Demonboy
Shiba Ganju - Red
Shiba Kuukaku - Evil
Aizen Sousuke - Shanny
Hinamori Momo - Duo
Yamada Hanatarou - NightBeck
Hitsugaya Toushirou - Red
Kusajishi Yachiru - Fallen
Honsho Chizuru - Evil
Madarame Ikkaku - Evil

If there are any characters that you don't see listed and would like to voice, please drop either Duo or I a PM. If you notice that we have you voicing a character that you would rather not, or are unable to, let either of us know and we'll remove you from the list. If you need clarification on who your character is and where he or she appears, likewise. Basically, if you've any questions/concerns/comments, drop us a line.

How did we decide the cast, you may be asking? Well, it was a bit of a combination of who we knew people liked, and who we thought could do a good job based on how we know them. Yes, some people have more than others, and yes, there are a LOT of female actors for male characters. The fact is that neither of us know too many guys around here well enough to make a casting decision we could be secure with, and we welcome any suggestions from you gentlemen.

How will we go about recording these sessions? We are not one hundred percent sure yet, but I am taking a look at several options. It is possible that we could record audio conversations over MSN, AIM, or other messenger services. If anyone has any ideas about the mechanics of recording such a project, PLEASE let me know! I would love some suggestions.

How will the scripts be done? I have been writing out English scripts according to a combination of Lunar Fansubs' translations and the currently released Shounen Jump manga. Writing the scripts themselves is fairly easy, but believe it or not, synchronizing the dialogue to the characters' mouths in the animation is a very painstaking and difficult process. So far, I have been doing it for my own characters, but for the most part, not for any others. My idea on this is that once I have finished the script for the scenes we want to do, I will pass the file on to each character in the scene so that they can synchronize their own dialogue. This is not only to reduce my own workload, but to give each actor some freedom over how they play their characters. As long as the meanings of the lines remain the same, we welcome each actor's ideas about their characters' personalities.

That's all I have for you for now. Stay tuned for any more information, and direct any questions to me or Duo via PM.

Thanks! Love and peace!

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