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Sunday, July 10, 2005

I've been having some trouble falling asleep, but that's not important. XD What is important is that I have Monday and Tuesday off, a karate class on Tuesday, a voice lesson on Monday, and on Wednesday I'm leaving for a week-long trip to New York and visiting certain dear friends in Florida!

I love vacations. I love them good. XD

The only real problem is that I need to take my camera and my laptop, but I can't take two carry-on things on the plane, and I can't check either of them... I need a something big enough to carry the laptop AND the camera, with the latter in a very padded and protected space.

I'm also a little worried that the X-ray machine things might do something to the camera... I know I have to remove the film first, but could anything else happen to it? It's ancient. Canon EOS 650, from 1989, manual focus and everything...

That be all for now. Working a loooong shift today, must leave in half an hour.

Love and peace, and aku soku zan!

(It has occurred to me that I have failed miserably and did not post Aurus-kun's Periodical Anime Reviews for the month of June. I will get one up tomorrow, and try to do another by the end of July. We shall see.)

(Also, Duo and I have a little project in the making that some of you already know about - I will elaborate tomorrow, and release.... *dun dun DUN* The Cast List...)

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