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Friday, June 3, 2005

Well, it seems more or less official. I'll be going to Willamette University for at least my first year of college. I think I'd like to try and transfer to Reed if possible, but I'm quite happy with Willamette. Good school, excellent theatre program, and some nice connections with Japan.

Anyway... happy June! I graduate in seventeen days. XD My Japanese final is all week next week (have to write and recite a two-minute speech about myself), and my karate final is essentially the test for my yellow-with-white-stripe belt. I desperately hope I pass. o_o

Allergies are hitting me very, very hard. Kind of a hay fever sort of thing, but no actual fever that I know of... but I'm very congested and my eyes itch like a bastard. =_=;; I react to a lot of decongestants, so I can't take anything that would temporary clear it up... I can only take things like Claritin, which are slightly more long-term.

CD burner is still not-working. I think it's on strike. Curses.

In anime-related news, I got the first DVD of Weiss Kreuz for fifteen bucks at Half Price Books. It's funny... it makes me laugh for no apparent reason. XD It's so awful that I love it and intend to buy more, provided I can find them equally cheap. I've also picked up the first DVD of Gungrave at the same place for about ten bucks. Only watched the first episode so far, but it's incredibly kickass.

Waiting for downloads... need them... I need more Loveless and Bleach and Trinity Blood... wah...

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