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Monday, May 30, 2005

Yay, pretty kitty boy love.


Anyway, other than the new layout-ness... not much going on. I'm probably going to get to fixing the awful graininess in the background tomorrow, since it's Memorial Day, so no school and yes sleeping in and all that good stuff.

Apologies. It's a quarter after midnight and my brain's melting. XD

Anyway... I'd like to note that the background is from a screencap I took, and I made a more wallpaper-ish version of it (that's actually appropriately softened and smooth) that you can find here, should you like to see it. The wallpaper version took me ages, because I had to mess around with a bunch of different layer combinations to intensify the color and make it bright and happy. XD Anyway. I'm pretty proud of it, considering I scaled it up and uber-saturated it from a 640x350 crap-screenshot. Fwee.

So, I'm listening to Tool, and about ready to go to sleep...

Ja mata!

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