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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


*flounces around, looking ridiculous* I have a job interview tomorrow! Aurus actually might land a summer job! Can't believe it! Full of JOY!

... *hem*

It'll be a summer position with WashPIRG, a grass roots liberal political/environmental group. They're working this summer on cleaning up Puget Sound (and trust me, I've walked along the Seattle waterfronts plenty of times, and it fricking NEEDS it) and convincing the legislature to crack down on companies who churn out a lot of pollution. I'm pretty excited.

That's all for now. Got a choir concert tonight and the year's second Black Box Show is coming up in about three weeks, so I've been busy. I'll try and get around to people's pages this weekend and say hello, since I've been pretty terrible about that.

Much love!

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