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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

   A query.
Hello, my loves. I've got a question, and I can't believe I haven't asked this before, but I'm just so lazy and thoughtless o_o;

Anyway, it's about the banner that I have promoting gay marriage. It's right there, blinking red and white and gray, and I like it muchly. The problem is, I admit I yoinked it from one of your sites some time ago because I saw it floating around. Does anyone know who the original creator is, or if there's a website it's meant to be linked back to? If either of those is the case, I really would like to give credit where it's due.

Thanks very much for your help.

Edit: While I'm at it, what's the website for the Open Your Mind, Open Your Heart banner? I had it ages ago, but I'm a failure and I lost it o_o;

Blurb-of-the-personal-life: OhmygodsOurTownpreviewtomorrow. I actually have all of my lines learned. I'm so happy.

... but at the same time...

STRESSING. Rehearsal today went from three o'clock until seven-thirty. I've only been home for two hours, I'm absurdly tired, and I still haven't done my homework... eh... oh, well. It's just a collage thing for government class on violence in Colombia. It'll take me twenty minutes, tops.

Ja mata!

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