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Saturday, April 30, 2005

   Aurus-kun's Periodical Anime Recommendations!

Yay. Things seem to be fixed.

*hem* Anyway. I'm very-very-tired, but I have decided on a weird new venture I shall bring to my lovely otaku companions.

I bring you... Aurus-kun's Periodical Anime Recommendations! In this not-so-reliable semi-monthly column (and I will try to do at least one a month, I swear), I will bring to your attention any little-known or non-licensed anime or manga that I am currently watching or reading, in hopes of spreading the joy.

For the first-ever column, I bring you two recommendations of fluffy goodness that completely encompass the word kawaii.

Medium: anime
Availability: fansub
# Episodes: 10 (?) released, 13 (?) total
Genre: Drama (shoujo)
Plot summary: Kunisaki Yukito is a wanderer, traveling in search of a "girl in the sky" that his mother once told him about. He meets several school girls and soon discovers that many have darker lives than their cheerful demeanors reveal. I think it has something to do with angels, though I've only seen up until episode 5 and can't say much else for sure.
Why Aurus-kun likes it: IT'S CUTE. The art/animation is smooth, detailed, and beautiful (especially each character's eyes - be sure to take a good look!). The music is soft, touching, and moving. Every aspect of the show is gentle, even the presentation of the girls' darker sides - though, you will come across some moments that are a shocking contrast. Best of all... it's very, very cute. Very fluffy. For the most part - at least, as far as I have watched it - it's a "feel-good" anime. Wonderful for watching late at night with a mug of hot chocolate.
Other notes of interest: The voice actor for the main female character, Kamio Misuzu, was also the voice of Utena in Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Hikaru in Hikaru no Go.

Medium: anime (also a manga, which I have not read, but many of my friends have, and they enjoy it)
Availability: fansub
# Episodes: 4 (?) released, 12 (?) total
Genre: Fantasy (shounen-ai)
Plot summary: I'm not entirely sure yet, as I only just watched the first episode. As far as I can tell... Aoyaki Ritsuka is a new student with some sort of "bad record". He is confronted outside of school by a man who calls himself Soubi, who claims he is a friend of Ritsuka's brother, Seimei. Soubi is a "fighter" - apparently, a guardian sort of person who is bound to protect his master. However, it seems there is another master and fighter who have set out in search of Ritsuka, or as Soubi claims is his real name, Loveless...
Why Aurus-kun likes it: SHOUNEN-AI FLUFF. The animation is soft, with gentle colors and smooth motions. The music can be weird at points, but often is very soothing. The ending song, especially, is beautiful. There is a great air of mystery about the whole thing, and clearly there is a lot of plot going on, but I haven't watched enough to discern much. XD
Other notes of interest: It's heavy on the shounen-ai, but so far it hasn't gone into yaoi territory. In this pseudo-fantasy-modern-Japan setting, virgins have cat ears and tails (wow o_o).

Hope you've enjoyed the first round of Aurus-kun's Periodical Anime Recommendations. *bows* Arigatou gozaimashita!

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