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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

   International Day of Silence / Bannerism
Well, I suppose it's a little late to be making this announcement, but that's okay. Today (April twentieth) is the International Day of Silence, a day of awareness for gay and lesbian rights. Those who choose to participate do not speak for the entire day, in recognition of those whose voices have been silenced by hate and bigotry. Student activists in many schools throughout the world promote this day - the Gay Straight Alliance club at mine gives out stickers you can wear showing that you support gay rights, and also stickers that say "I am participating in the International Day of Silence," so people know you won't be speaking.

I tried to make it through the day without speaking, but I didn't get very far... unfortunately, it's pretty difficult to go through a conversation-based language class without talking. *grins* Anyway, I just figured I'd drop a note about that. I believe it's an important cause.

One new banner for you all, requested by Lord Darsha. Sorry for taking so long on this one - it took me forever to find a good image.

If I saw Haruko running and laughing, I'd definitely be looking for a way out...

As always, you can find this and others at the banner site.

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