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Monday, April 18, 2005

Hi. Kill me now. o_o

I... actually managed to finish my massive Iliad-related assignments. One of which I stuck up in my DeviantArt gallery for no apparent reason. Of course, I do a lot of things for no apparent reason. Like eat half a grapefruit at ten in the evening.

... I love grapefruit. Have I mentioned that? Grapefruit is love.

I still haven't even started memorizing my lines for Our Town, and they're due tomorrow... I dunno. I'm not as thrilled as I was over it. I guess I'll get started on them tonight and do my best to survive the wrath of the directors tomorrow...

Anyway... this week looks like it's going to be pretty heavy in terms of schoolwork, not to mention other online things, so don't expect much from me.

To occupy your minds until I return, however, I present to you the final version of that wallpaper from earlier. It's... lyric-ed and fun, now. You're more than welcome to use it on your computer, but pleaseplease do not distribute it or spread it around. And do avoid drooling on your computer or keyboard ^_~ I find that can do some damage at times.

Love and peace, my dears. Grapefruit forever! XD

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