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Tuesday, August 5, 2003

   Wow, here I am...
Ha... good evening. *blinks* I've got my... er... my myOtaku page thing... uh...

Okay, I'm confused and starting over...

Hallo! I... don't know why I'm writing here, maybe just because I can... that's it. Because I can! ^^ Uh... my life? I have none. I'm slowly watching episodes of Cowboy Bebop at my friend's house, I have now seen all of them up to "Wild Horses" as of today. I mean... I have seen "Wild Horses"... hm. When I say "up to," what does that really mean... if I said, "I can count up to 100" that means obviously I can count the 100 as well as the 99... but when referring to Anime episodes, is it the same? Like... if I've seen "up to" episode X of said show, does that mean I have seen X, or I have yet to see X and have only seen X-1? *blinkblink*

... Don't read that. My brain hurts now >.<

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