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Friday, March 25, 2005

   Konnichiwa >_>
HagaRen Sound File: Roy Mustang arrived today! Yaaay. Listening to it now. Some of it is kind of weird, but it's not bad at all. Music is sort of on the jazz end of things (though there are some weird techno-sounding things in some of them), and of course Toru Okawa's voice is rather nice to listen to. XD If he'd just develop his vibrato a little more, then it'd be über-sexy.

First track is mostly just him singing, second track is him with backup by what may or may not be his trusty military subordinates, third track is a duet between Roy and Riza, and the fourth is an instrumental version of the first one.

The duet is SO cute. Michiko Neya's singing is sort of cutesy and I don't think working a bit with a vocal coach would do any harm, but it's not unpleasant at all. It's probably more due to staying in character, anyway.

It's littered with Engrish (the lyrics even say, for one part, "warking on the moon"... XD now I'm thinking Chocobos), but I didn't expect otherwise. I just wish there were more tracks! Only four, for twenty bucks...

... oh, well. I like it.


Much love! I'm so glad it's Friday. o_o

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