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Sunday, February 6, 2005

*waves frantically*



... yes.

... Yes, I live. That was rather entertaining, actually, but... yeah.

Apologies to everyone, I've been really dead, but I'm doing okay. Thanks to everyone who's sent PMs to make sure I haven't died. I'm very touched. ^_^ Banners are on a bit of a delay, as usual, because I've got some major auditions and things.

In other news... I got accepted into Evergreen State College recently. I'm still waiting to hear from the others I applied to, but for now, the irony remains: the one college I've gotten into so far is the only one that I haven't visited. XD

And yes, I did say that I am now a waffle. Thank you for noticing. *giggle*

Anyway, I hope everyone's doing well. Love and peace, one and all!

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