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Thursday, November 15, 2007

   Long time, no see!
Since the beginning of the semester, I have: cooked many successful dinners, had an existential crisis, changed my major to Classical Studies, learned to read in ancient Greek, started running a D&D campaign, learned to play a complete song on my acoustic guitar, bought and worn a suit, baked two pies, built a bookshelf out of boards and cinderblocks, watched Star Trek, and gone to a Buddhist temple.

I call it productive.

I'm going LARPing again this weekend (have I really been doing this for over a year?), and next Wednesday, I'm driving home for Thanksgiving. I haven't had a huge amount of free time, but I've been writing a lot and doing some serious worldbuilding for my D&D game (in addition to that, I'm playing a chain-smoking ex-cop in my friend's cyberpunk GURPS game).

I'm going to a peace march this afternoon, since my school is right next to the capitol building. It'll be the second one I've ever participated in, so I'm very excited.

That's all the news that's terribly important. I hope everyone is having a good autumn!

Love and peace all around.

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