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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ohisashiburi desu ne! Wow, I've been dead for a while. XD I hope everybody is doing well. Hm, aurus's life updates... taking four classes this semester; Japanese, Ethnomusicology, Nature in Asian/American Lit, and Survey of Anthropological Theory. I'm still catching up on my reading for the latter; it's hardcore.

Still LARPing; I bought a great new sword that's light and looks very realistic. I'll post pictures soon - right now, it's residing at a friend's place because I thought taking it on the train to get home would be a bad idea. XD

Been watching somew new-ish anime fansubs lately. Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi is Edo-period demon hunting that has a lot of references to Shinto and Buddhist beliefs/legends/superstitions. It's very cool, the music is top-notch, and there are some interesting characters, too. Simoun is a stylish (if pretty weird) show on an alternate world. In said alternate world, children have no gender until they come of age and decide what sex they want to be (they appear female until they choose otherwise), and the genderless children are able to fly the divine spaceships that are used to defend the nation. There are some fanservice-y moments, but all in all, it is thought-provoking and emotional, the animation is beautiful, and there are some very talented voice actresses involved. Shounen Onmyouji is another historical demon-hunting show, but it takes place in the Heian period (think tall hats and Genji Monogatari). It's about onmyouji, which are essentially Buddhist-Daoist yin-yang diviners/priests, and there's lots of bishounen and subtext.

Well, I do hope that keeps you busy for a time. I must be off to finish some homework and get a little writing in. Oyasuminasai!

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