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Sunday, November 25, 2007


Hello all! I've been really busy as always..Well it's kinda a mix of laziness and business. ^__^'
My cat has to be THE cutest cat in the world!!! I love him! He's a demon! my little sister got one of his brothers Shishou called him Lulouch even if his name was supposed to be called Vincent. (everyone calls him Lulouch though) Calcifer and Lulouch play together it's so cute!!! I'll put some pictures of Calcifer for you, Kikyo27
up next time I post. I have tons of them! <(O__o)>

I went to a DropKick Murphy concert for my birthday which was on the second weekend in November. I had a lot fun. I had people jostling me and I almost did something highly unpleasant to a little brat who kept cannoning me from the back! I had to stomp on a lot of peoples' too! *laughs*
I went up to my sisters house for Thanksgiving and I had s lot of fun, I got to see my brother whom I don't get see very often cuz he lives in another state! Driffter and I were going to ninie-niner two of my older sisters boyfriends but Shishou lectured us to be nice but that's okay cuz Driffter and I ganged up on one of them playing cards! ^^ Hehehehehe
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