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Thursday, November 1, 2007


Hello every body(look im dr. nick). I'm going to tell you about my halloween. I worked but it was
okay any way. after work I got
Shishou and Driffter and we hung
out at my place eating candy and
watching a drama. The weekend
befor Halloween I partied. friday I wen't to my cousin's birthday party and saturday(wich is actualy her b-day) we went to a club. I was dressed as a vampier. I was forsed (by my sister older on who is not on myo )into this long floaty skirt and a corset both were black.I'm a jeans and tee shirt type of girl. wearing a skirt that keep steping on and a corset (need i say more?)was hell plus I had on shoes with 3in heels and I so do not need the extra inches. I towerd over almost every one. Still I looked pretty good and had fun. My favorite thing about the weekend is I came home with a kitten. He's grey and his name is Calcifer. He's soooo cute! I think this is the longest post I've ever done wow. Hope every one else had a great Halloween
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