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Monday, June 18, 2007


I've been very busy. My work schedule has changed. I'm now working until 2am now. YUCK!!!!!!!!
I'm very excited for my vacation. I'm going to Alabama. I'll be gone for a week. I can't wait. The next big event in my life is I'm going to dye my hair RED. Well actually just lots of different red highlights. still it'll be very different . I will try and visit every one soon. Also I must scan some more of my drawings in. They never scan well though. I use to much shading for my parents scanner to pick up. I want get my hands on some copic markers. well have to go now. It's my day off today and I have a million things to do. I'm trying to keep busy since yesterday was the 1st year anniversary of my cousins death. Ive been thinking about him a lot lately. WE were close so it's hard. It's like having my brother die. Time to stop thinking about that. I have to go any way take care every one. By the way try watching Pumpkin Scissors. It's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sunday, May 27, 2007

   Ugga booga wooga

I have been waking up very early the past few days. I have been having to work at 4 AM. It is not fun getting up at 3 something in the morning. Tomorrow I get to sleep in for two whole hours! Yay!
I had my first watermelon of the year. It was so delicious. I love watermelons. Once I got a watermelon for my birthday instead of a cake since I love them so much.
I watched Great Teacher Onizuka! (the live version) I am in love! He is awesome! Another one to add to my collection err list.
I will try to visit everyone tonight.

I am sending happiness vibes your way, be care to catch them and not the other vibe which will turn you into rabid bunny-puppies.
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Monday, May 7, 2007


Hello! I am doing pretty well...I thought it was about time I updated. I just finished a very good book about the leper colony that used to be on Molokai island. It was very fascinating! I never really thought how horrible they had it until I read that book...
And on a happy note I hope to go on a trip to Alabama in July. Next on my list is visiting all my friends and I am also going to see if I can scan in a picture of mine! So I will have that up!

Now since I Just discovered that I have been tagged I have to do 5(or 6?) things about me...

1.)I absolutely love strong women! When I watch movies,read,and play games I want a tough girl in the lead! (Think Xena) I just HATE namby-pamby sissies which leads me to my next one
2.) I hate cry babies! Waaa my life sucks!!! waaaaa!!! GET OVER IT ALREADY!!! Life is about making the bets out of what you got not whining about what you don't have! "when life hands you lemons squirt them in your enemies' eyes!
3.)I absolutely LOVE plants and animals!! I have a lot of house plants and a beloved dog!
4.)I love art!
5.)I love action movies!
6.)I love to make up words! Or use odd sounding words! such as BUNNYPUPPIES!!!!!
so I tag Shishou! Celestial Chi *sticks tung at you* nanana now YOUR it again!! PurpleRainFall(backatcha), Jojo(IchigoShirayuki), LadyNeubelaStar, and Kagomaya17! ^^

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Friday, April 13, 2007

   book and stuff

Shishou is a good drawer, better than ME!! Even Driffter is also better than I am!

I read Beauty Pop today. It was pretty good. I have Whistle 13&14 Dragon Knights 20, Faeries Landing 4&5 to read and I have a lot of anime to watch! ^^

I am watching Grey's Anatomy. It's really good! I got hooked on it cause Dr. Burk is so handsome! McDreamy is McFlemmy*Shivers* McSteamy is waaay better looking! And Cristina Yang is awesome. She is my idol! *Dramatic pause* I'm done now. **Driffter(who is typing for her): THANK GOD!!!
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Wednesday, April 4, 2007


it's very cold right now. only 22 degrees and it's windy. I miss the unseasonable warmth of last week.
Please Please let it warm up! *starts doing warm weather dance*

I intend to kidnap Shishou for the night. it's a nefarious plot to make her do my dishes. well not really but it will scare her when she finds out(Shishou hates dishes).
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Friday, March 30, 2007

I was going to say something in Italian but I am not Italian so I don't know any...Anyway, Italian aside, Ello everyone!

Laaaa It's cold and wet and gray over here...I hate it when it's gray out. And I have to wake up at 5:oo am tomorrow..

Shishou said I was a psycho today. She says it was in a sisterly fashion but I think she meant it in a....Well she just meant it that's all. And then she tries to get out of it by saying we are all psycho here But I know better!

Nothing else to say, well, that isn't true I do have more but I just don't want to type it.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Graciously acknowledge Shishou for my new site layout. Right now I am cursed with a cold so I don't think I will visit anyone today. The weather is so beautiful out which is making me annoyed since I cannot enjoy it properly. At least I have the window open so the nice breeze comes in. Well that is about it. I hope all you like the new change!

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

   Hi I am back

Well I meant to post sooner but what with no computer and the fact that I was busy mixed with the fact that I am lazy.....You can see what happened.^^' I'll try to visit everyones' sites.

Now for what happened during the last month. ummmm not to much. Lot's of working, reading,annoying my sisters and watching t.v. Been doing some thinking today and I have decided to get my life a little more together.

On a manga note I am currently in the middle of reading Samurai Deeper Kyo, One Piece, Death Note,
Dragon Knights,Whistle!,and Boys Over Flowers.
Also on an anime I have been watching Ergo Proxy. It's really good so far. I am going to be re watching Soul Hunter. On books I have been reading lots of fantasy books and I am on a Charles Dickens kick right now, He is a really good author.

Take care,
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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

   Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

I hope every one has a great year ahead of them and that they had a fabulous year.

I have to tell you somthing funny about my dog. She LOVES kiwi's. I'll be eating one and she's right there begging and drooling a little. I give her some and she gobbles it up. Weird huh! We have a ritual now where I feed her kwiw peelings as I eat.

As much as I love Stella I'm almost ready for a site change. I'm going to keep the banner of Stelly and me though. Yep it's defanitley time to put Shishou to work again.
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

   Christmas ALLREADY!!!!!!!

I can't believe it's Christmas time. I still have lot's of shopping to do. Having alot of people to buy for is both a blessing and a curse(okay not a curse just a pocket book drain). I love give gifts. I just hate when I go over board and spend to much(wich I always do!). Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the scents,sounds and sights of the season. All the little rituals every family have are what makes it so special. No holiday is celibratied as Christmas is. I am nicer during the holidays. Just ask Driffter or Shishou. Well I think i'm done with to Christmas rant. Any more and I might put my self of Xmas. In answer to Kikyo27 question. That's me in the photo. not a very good pic of me but Stella looks sooo Cute in it.
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