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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hi peeps. Sry I haven't updated for a awhile. N/e wayz...THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL IS JUNE 14!!! I'm happy-VERY. I'm going to be very busy with the last days coming up. Plus I won't be able to stay as long online ne more cuz my dad put a 2 hour limit on now. GRRRRR!!!And just when I thought he would let me have ne freedom!! Honestly! I mean my parents don't even let me go to party's unless my brother goes with me! ((well..sumtimes the let me go...not very often))So I can't expect to go ne where wit friends...like the mall of sumthin with out him tagging along. I wish he would be less tense and stop being so gloomy. I NO he looks like a loner, but he has friends BUT he never invites them over or goes out to party's or ne thing, so he has be on my case. WHEN WILL THE MADDNESS END?!!! My head hurts. I'm going to all this random things cuz I'm cranky. My dad is walking (sorta)already, not on his own tho. ((needs to use those thingy mobobers)) I will be working on more wallpapers and maybe a few greetings too. I will be posting my fanart too. I was too shy to do it before and I thought oh wat da heck...Oh and FRUITS BASKET has come into my life!!!! It's really kewl. I can't believe I didn't get into it untill now. >.< I suck.

PS. The bg on here is gonna change soon. So don't get used to little Ayumu Narumi((did i spell dat rite?)) here. ^^;
I cant access the thingy mobober that I use to upload my pics rite now so u peeps r gonna have to wait a while..(maybe)

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