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Thursday, May 25, 2006

   it's been awhile!!!
"wat up everyone....i've been out for awhile and i want to thank Saijinto for wishing my mom a happy mothers day.i really appreciate it and i'm really sorry if i wasn't able to read it sooner...anyhows, as i said before we went to six flags... it was fun, the rides were not really that scary especially the tatsu...it was great and if you guys were planning to go to six flags i recommend that u try the Tatsu, i'm sure u already watched the commercial on tv so i won't have to explain what it was to all of you....

im happy because we only have fifteen more days left of school and it will be summer vacation...i was planning how im going to spend my time during my free time and untill now i haven't think of something worth doing yet...i wan't to highlight my hair white but i'm not sure if it's gonna look good but maybe i will do it.If i don't like the result then i would probably dye my hair some other color.....

oh...does anyone of you have an iguana? because i just got a new iguana and i don't know how to tame him/her(gosh!! i don't even know the gender!!!). If you do please tell me because everytime i try to hold it, it tries to bite me or get away from me....I will really appreciate your help....

bye you guys, i still have to check my other sites!!! cya around later!........"

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