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Saturday, December 17, 2005

   first ending songf of gundam seed!!!

Anna ni issho datta no ni ( we were so close together...)

anna ni issho datta no ni yuugure wa mou chigau iro
arifureta yasashi wa kimi wo toozakeru dake
tsumetaku kirisuteta kokoro wa samayou bakari
sonna kakkowarusa ga ikiru to iu koto nara
samuzora no shita me wo tojite iyou wo

anna ni issho datta no ni
koyoba hitotsu toornai kasoku shiteiku senaka ni ima wa
anna ni issho datta no ni yuugure wa mou chigau iro
semete kono tsukiakari no shita de shizuka na nemure wo

unmei to umaku tsukiatte iku nara kitto
kanashii toka sabishii nante itte rarenai
nando mo tsunagatta kotoba wo muryoku ni shite mo
taikutsu na yoru wo tsubushitainda ne

anna ni issho datta no ni
fuzoroi na futari ni ima tadoritsukeru basho nado nainda
anna ni issho datta no ni hajimete au yokogao ni
fushigi na kurai ni miserareteru tomadou kurai ni

kokoro wa doko ni iru? doko ni fukarete iru? sono hitomi ga mayo wanu you ni

anna ni issho datta no ni
kotoba hitotsu tooranai ugoki hajimeta kimi no jounetsu
anna ni issho datta no ni yuugure wa mou chigau iro
semete kono tsukiakari no shitade shizuka na nemuri wo

We were so close together, but the twilight has a different color now.
The abundance of kindness only keeps a distance between us.
Our coldly ignored hearts are wandering in the midst.
If this awkwardness is what it's like to live,
we shall close our eyes under the cold sky.

Even though we were close toghether,
We can't even get a word across between our increasing distances.
Even though we were so close together, the twilight has a different color now.
Please, give us a quiet sleep unde the moon light, if it is the last thing possessed..

If you are going to cope with fate,
you can't go on saying you are sad and lonely.
Even if it means to break the links of words we have made together,
you would still want to say goodbye to the dull nights.

Even though they were so close together,
the unmatched couple have no place they can reach.
Even though we were so close together, in a glimpse of your new face,
I am fascinated, almost as though it is strange, almost enough that i would feel it.

Where lye our hearts? Where are we driftng off to? so that our eyes do not become.

Even though we were so close together,
We can't even get a word across between our increasing distances.
Even though we were so close together, the twilight has a different color now.
Please, give us a quiet sleep under the moon light, if it is the last thing possessed.
Please don't let the light go out
The wheels are turning."

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Wednesday, December 7, 2005


"i just want to say hi to everyone in my otaku. Nothing much happened to me today. I just went to my usual chores. I am planning to write the gundamseed opening song both english and japanese version. I collected all there song so i might post them in here if i got enought time. Maybe on the winter brake i would be able to write them all. I can't write them in just one sitting you know!!
But anyways, I am planning to buy christmas gifts on saturday. I was finally finish on my list and all i need now is to get them. Probably, I would spend $300 bucks and there would be nothing left on my money. But my sister owe me money so there still money left for me to spend which is good.
OH!!!! i almost forgot1 yesterday i finished fixing my friendster. I changed my backround so they all looked nice. I have a picture of chii and Sakura together and they really looked so cute.But my myspace is not fixed yet. I messed it up so i have to do anew account. It does really looked bad.Really bad that I can't use it no more.!!.!!.!!.!!.!!"

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Monday, December 5, 2005

   i dont feel good today!!!

"i was in the library right now and i really don't feel good. i was sick and i wanna go home but i can't because we have apresentation today. i am also not ready to present because i didn't read my report. i am a mess right now and i don't know what to do first."

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Sunday, December 4, 2005


"i just wanted to say hello to everyone in my otaku.com. I am happy today because i am going to have a new collection of anime DVD's. I can't wait to have and watch it. Last friday i fixed my backround and it looks better now. I really like Athrun and he's so cute and i think that he deserve cagalli to be his girlfriend and soon be his wife. They fit each other because they could protect each other. Cagalli is a strongheaded person and athrun is smart and brave. On the first version of Gundam Seed Athrun was willinf to sacrifice his life to prevent the genesis from firing to earth, if cagalli didn't he would probably not be in Gundam seed destiny Right now. I just love both of them and of couse i like Kira and Lacus Clyne, too.


In this quiet night
I'm waiting for you
Forgetting the past
and dreaming of you
Time passes by
and memories fade
But time can't erase
The love that we've made
All the stars
In the skies
That I wished upon
Can't bring you back to my side
Though you're not here with me
I dreamed of the day
We'll meet again
Hold me close!
So deep in your heart
I will find you,
No matter where i have to go
Dream of me,
For i will be there
Follow the stars,
That shines into the quiet night!!
Into the Quiet night!!!"

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Friday, December 2, 2005

   no detention!!!

"sorry! i didn't finish my post because Mr.V came and he almost caught me on this site. I'm lucky because one of the students got a problem on the computer so he have to check it real quick and that gave me achance to sign out. If he saw me on this site he will give me a detention on saturday and of course i don't want that to happen! I'm too busy to serve a detention on saturday."

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   Im bored!!!!!

"im so bored today, i m at school right now in our computer lab, In fact we're not allowed to do non school stuff in here but i took my chances. i just want to do something fun and visit my otaku. I am so happy when i learned that we only have two more weeks left before winter brake. Tomorrow i am going to buy gifts for my family and friends. I would probably spend $300 bucks for all the gifts. I already knw what to give them so i would be able to save enought time tomorrow to wrap them."

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Wednesday, November 9, 2005


"okey!this is my first time in here and i dont know what to write so i will just tell you what happened to me today. First i was freakin out because my partner in PE is a loves to pick a fight and i almost got in trouble because of him. But my coach came to the rescue so I didn't have to go to detention. HaH!!!! what a relief because i have lots of homework to do and i don't need a detention to be added on my list."

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