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Monday, April 21, 2008

"Time To Say Goodbye" by Simple Plan

"When I'm Gone" by Simple Plan

"The end" by Simple Plan

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This is Dylan.
My aunt is supposed to have adopted him.
But he isn't actually adopted yet.

He's sooo adorable =]
He's autistic.
His biological mother couldn't taken care of him anymore=/
So my grandmother and my aunt went to Oregon and my autns supposed to adopt him.
They got him from Oregon like, a year or two ago.

He's almost 4 now, in June he will be.
He's not even thirty pounds because he doesn't eat right.
He can't manage his jaw and tongue to chew.
So everything's pureed.

My sister, Kristina is in the background.
Also Josh, Dylans brother whos also adopted is in the background.
And my awful voice.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fed up with the bullshit. Sorry I'm just making sure you see it.
You know what...

If you can't trust me.
I'm done with calling you a friend.
Cause this "friendship" seems like bullshit.
All I seem to hear is about you talking shit about me.
What kind of friendship is that supposed to be?
What actual friend would do that to someone?
Especially all cause of a stupid misunderstanding.
And trust me, I mean stupid.
I don't want this bullshit anymore.
I'm nothing to you anyways.
I doubt I ever even was anything to you.

But seriously, all you're doing is backstabbing.
I'm done with your bullshit.
And your boyfriends bullshit too.

Always happens when you get someone.
You just ditch me, ignore me.
Think I hate you and all this shit.

I haven't yet, and don't still.
Do you want me to?
I'll remove myself from your life if you'd like.

I'm used up from being used by you.

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People should learn shit before they talk shit.
xxoCaitlinXx (4:52:28 PM): She mad at me... ?
Trusthopedreams signed off at 4:53:56 PM.
Trusthopedreams is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.
Trusthopedreams (5:16:43 PM): ur annoying

Auto Response from xxoCaitlinXx (5:17:00 PM): Sleeeeeeping...

*crawls under rock*


Trusthopedreams (5:17:00 PM): so
Trusthopedreams (5:17:04 PM): leave me alone
xxoCaitlinXx (5:17:39 PM): Wow, what the hell did i do to you?
Trusthopedreams (5:18:13 PM): all that crap u post online
Trusthopedreams (5:18:17 PM): its annoying
xxoCaitlinXx (5:18:22 PM): THAT WAS NOT ABOUT HER
Trusthopedreams (5:18:31 PM): so
Trusthopedreams (5:18:32 PM): i know
xxoCaitlinXx (5:18:35 PM): Thats why I was gonna ask if she was mad at me.
Trusthopedreams (5:18:36 PM): about u
xxoCaitlinXx (5:18:38 PM): Cause it isn't
Trusthopedreams (5:18:43 PM): ur pathetic
xxoCaitlinXx (5:18:49 PM): wtf?
Trusthopedreams (5:19:04 PM): All this, im so sad, and misrable bullshit is annoying
Trusthopedreams (5:19:15 PM): maybe if u get a life u wouldnt be so bad
xxoCaitlinXx (5:19:26 PM): You don't fucking know me.
xxoCaitlinXx (5:19:55 PM): So why dont you go take the stick out of your ass and get a brain. Stop being a dumbass.
Trusthopedreams (5:20:33 PM): ummm, how Bad is ur life, i mean really, ur so pathetic, My Life has gotta be Worse than urs by 10 fold
xxoCaitlinXx (5:20:50 PM): You don't know jack shit about me so stfu
Trusthopedreams (5:21:11 PM): Cmon, tell me, whats the Worst u'v gon through
Trusthopedreams (5:21:18 PM): huh?
xxoCaitlinXx (5:21:54 PM): Hm, being molested when i was younger,. Being beat up on by my dad before. Cover it enough for you. I dont need to explain myself to you douchbag
xxoCaitlinXx (5:22:36 PM): You don't know me. So don't fucking say shit to me.
xxoCaitlinXx (5:22:45 PM): Go bud your nose into someone elses life
xxoCaitlinXx (5:25:17 PM): And the douche has nothing to say, omg
Trusthopedreams went idle at 5:31:31 PM.
Trusthopedreams went away at 5:31:32 PM.
Trusthopedreams (6:51:58 PM): ummm, u dont think i havnt been Melstid, or Beatin up by my father, i was beatin till i had broken bones

Auto Response from xxoCaitlinXx (6:52:03 PM): People need to learn shit before they talk shit.
Learn the facts.

Trusthopedreams (6:52:08 PM): and u think urs is bad
Trusthopedreams (6:52:33 PM): '
xxoCaitlinXx (6:52:39 PM): Like I care what you have to say.
xxoCaitlinXx (6:53:11 PM): If Brittanys only gonna talk shit about me to you, and you're just gonna come online and try and lecture me.
xxoCaitlinXx (6:53:18 PM): You're so fucking wasting your time kid.
Trusthopedreams (6:55:41 PM): Take me off ur site now

Auto Response from xxoCaitlinXx (6:55:42 PM): People need to learn shit before they talk shit.
Learn the facts.

Trusthopedreams (6:55:48 PM): taht shit u put online
Trusthopedreams (6:55:53 PM): TAKE IT OFF NOW
Trusthopedreams (6:56:12 PM): got that?
Trusthopedreams (6:56:14 PM): take it off
Trusthopedreams (6:56:27 PM): i can have u arressted for that
Trusthopedreams (6:58:00 PM): DID U TAKE IT OFF?
Trusthopedreams (6:58:59 PM): TAKE IT OFF NOW
Trusthopedreams (6:59:04 PM): HOLY SHIT TAKE IT OFF
Trusthopedreams (7:03:54 PM): Okay, fine ill hack ur account like i did to my brothers
Trusthopedreams (7:03:58 PM): 1 sec
Trusthopedreams (7:04:44 PM): OMFG U LITTLE CUNT
Trusthopedreams went away at 7:15:12 PM.
Trusthopedreams returned at 8:19:44 PM.
Trusthopedreams (8:20:17 PM): Drop Dead
Trusthopedreams signed off at 8:41:53 PM.
Trusthopedreams is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

I've died and go to TheO.
Find me there.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patricks Day@!
MyO is boring now...
Cause you can do all the stuff on TheO

And Like.... yea.
Oh well.
You can just design you site her better.

That's the only good thing about this bad thing about that.

Wanna talk then message me...
Otherwise, have a nice life..
Talk to you if and when I come on here.

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

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Friday, March 7, 2008

I hate some things so bad.

My heads gona blow.
Not tired, but whatever.
G'night people.

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

I think I might use Version Vibrant a bit more... I like it so far. Mainly.
You can't do as much with your page as on here though which sucks.

Oh well. Subscribe to me there.
And message me, so then I can subscribe to you too.
Later people!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

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