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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ack! no!
Sorry I haven't been on as much as I have been, lots on my plate ya know? Anyway, I am soooo happy, yesterday we had a track meet (which lasted to bloody 8:30 or so) so we got home at nine (yippy!) but I am so happy because I did a 4x8 relay with three good friends on mine, a mile, and a two mile.

For the 4x8, that's where your team of 4 runs two laps each and of course holds a baton as it is a relay race. Our first person got us in the lead, then the second person kept the lead than I ran and managed to keep the lead! Even though our fourth person kind of slowed and got us third place, I was still happy since I managed to stay in front the whole time!

For the mile, I ran four laps in 6 minutes and 42 seconds! And I got third place out of some 7-10 girls!

Then there was the two mile, there were only ONLY three girls (including me) nutty enough to do it with only ten guys (one of them was from my team) so all of us ran one race. This is where I'm really happy but really MAD about. I got in first place and kept in front fo SEVEN and a HALF laps before the girl behind managed to pick up enough speed to get a 100 feet in front of me! I ALMOST beat her!


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