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Friday, January 13, 2006

Everything's a-okay except for one teeny weeny thing...
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Go Madagascar! Awesome movie!

Anyway, final exams for the semester coming up! Yippee! Two hours in my 'favorite' room! Algebra! Not so fun but I must pass them so I feel comfortable in the best class on the planet - ART!

Hope everyone is having a great year of 2006, anyone who had a rough year last year, I will hope for you that you will have a better year this year. Whoo...four years in one sentence...geez...

Next to that, I'm reading Eragon. All my friends, even other adults and teachers who've read it said it was a good book so why shouldn't I read it?

Now just to find the time to read it, I only just got this Wed. and I'm only 1/3 of the way done with it!


I used to be such a bookworm! What happened to me!

Gotta get rid of the carbs though...or start running an extra mile...=-.-=

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The sequel to Eragon...

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