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Sunday, January 7, 2007

A post for the day....
Thanks for the comments everyone. The library is probably one of my favorite places to be. It's quiet and relaxing. I there right now actually. My older bro turned off the internet at home so I have to come here to use it. Actually, it's better here because no one is telling me to get off the computer except for a little notice that tells me when my time is up. I had to research some things for homework, so I was like...stupid brother. At least I'm getting my homework done, right? The only reason my parents want my oldest bro to diconnect it for the weekend is because my younger bros always play games on it and make the bill too high. I hope they stop doing that at home. Just play games somewhere else. (Well, sometimes I play games at home too, but that's when no one needs the computer for homework.)

Right, nothing interesting except for the above. I can't visit sites today. I only have about ten minutes before my time is up. Sorry everyone. I'll try to come on as much as I can, but it's probably going to be maybe...once a week or something. Well, farewell to you all.

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