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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The day after the new year....
Thanks for the comments. They were fun to read. Yes, I've got the computer for today. This is rare...two days in a row. I'll visit your site. I think I did yesterday, but I can't remember. Seems like yall had a fun time too. I hope you did. Yeah, my theme changed too. Now it's Dark from DNAngel. I sorta changed the picture by putting the text on it, but that's about it. HOpe you like it.

Nothing interesting is happening except for...I continued on that story I was writing during the summer. Now that I take a look at it, it's sorta turning out into a romance drama thing. I don't really want to make it too complicated so I'm trying to change it a bit. It's pretty interesting though. Trying to put everything together. Recently, I've been having trouble writing. Yesterday when I wrote it, it was so easy. So natural. I think I was just like, if this happens then this will probably happen so then that happens and that's what happens. Yeah, something like that. I hope to turn it into a manga kind of thing. A small manga. Maybe put it on Fan Manga. Who knows?

Hope your New Year is going well. Also, if you've made resolutions, I hope you follow them and achieve them. So what are some of your resolutions?

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