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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Just got back from my bro's graduation ceremony
Yeah, I did. It was boring. He's in a different city so we had to drive for about an hour. Then we headed off to the graduation thing. After that, we went to his apartment and ate lunch. When that was done, we came back home. It was tiring because it was so boring. I'm sorry, but I can't sit for hours listening to people say names and receive their diplomas. It's really boring. Well, at least I finally got out of the house for once.

I haven't asked my brother to hook up the scanner yet. I don't know if I should yet. I have a lot of homework to do and he's always busy and....well, it's sorta complicated. I'm afraid my fanart won't be up yet. Sorry.

I can't wait to see the anime of DNAngel. I know it's already out and all, but I want to read most of the manga first. I heard that it was changed a lot. I don't like it when they do that. It kind of ...welll, it kind of destroys the...magic. You have an idea of how it will turn out, and then you see it and it's totally different. I hope it isn't like that, but I heard it is.

BTW I'm watching a Taiwanese Drama. It's called Devil Beside YOu. I think that's what it's called. It's really funny and sort of reminds me of Meteor Garden. (BTW Meteor Garden is a lot like Boys Over Flowers...if you didn't know. It's almost the exact everything.) I've only watched the first 4 episodes, but I want to see the rest too. This really sucks though. I also have a lot of homework. Yeah, I just hope to find enough time to do stuff. Well, Christmas Break is coming up in a little big. I can probably watch it then. I'm excited.

I can't tell, but this seems like a long post. Sorry. (Why do I keep writing such long posts?) I'll try to visit sites.

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