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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wow! Six comments. That's the most I've had so far. yeah, I know, I'm kinda pathetic. Whereas you guys are happy if you get like 22 comments, I'm happy with just 6. I've been gettting more comments lately. I guess I'm not very used to it, but it's good.

Yeah, romance is only good in books and stuff. When it clashes with real life, sometimes it can be disastorous. Love is supposed to be like an "illusion", right? Maybe that's why it's better if it's not in the real world. Enough of that.

My day was...the same. Enough of THAT.

How was everyone else's day? I'd like to hear about it.

HOpe you're all doing well. No colds or illnesses of any kind. Yeah, the good normal stuff. HOpe you're all doing well.

Okay. I guess that's it for the day. There's not really that much to post about today. Actually, there's not a lot of stuff to talk about since it's not interesting, but there is stuff to talk about. You know? Something like that. Yup...have a marvelous day.

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