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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Swamped in homework...
Right now I should probably be doing my homework, but I don't really feel like it yet. First, I'm going to go to the library to pick up some manga, and then I'll come home to do my homework. I'm getting Naruto vol. 11. I can't wait.

Glad many of you like Friday. It's fun isn't it. Sometimes it is. Yesterday, since I missed out on the science experiment I was supposed to do in science, I did it at home. It was kind of interesting and annoying, but I finished it. Unfortunately, it took a very long time, so I didn't get to finish my other homework. I finished a novel yesterday. It's called Mismatch, and it's by Lensey Namioka. Mismatch was a good book. It was about a Japanese American boy and Chinese American girl dating. Since the families are not too happy with each other because of the history, they were not allowed to date each other. After some things happened, the families are convinced that the other are not bad ppl. And then the two along with their orchestra take a trip to Japan. It was very interesting. I have to say, it was actually a good book. At first, since I usually don't read romance, I didn't really want to read it since it was a relationship stuff. It turned out to be really good. I'm glad I read it.

I'm excited for Naruto vol. 11. Many of you have probably already read it, if you read manga. Most of you, I hear, watch the anime. I prefer the manga, but sometimes the anime is just as good or better. Usually...it's not, but Naruto is actually good in both anime and manga. In fact, I'm already on episode 142 or something. I haven't watched it in a while though. I usually watch it with my broters, but not on youtube. I bet there are already over 200 or 250 episodes of Naruto by now, right? I'm quite behind.

I'm off to lunch, then to the library, then to homework, then to read manga, then....I don't know. Drawing maybe? May your day flow by like the descending of a gentle feather.

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