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Friday, November 17, 2006

Another weekend...again...TGIF
TGIF! I've been waiting for friday ever since...what seems like a very long time. Maybe some of you are also glad it's Friday. No plans for the weekend, but I have a regular routine. Wake up...maybe watch tv then go to the library. After that, read manga from the library or draw. And of course there are chores to do in between.

Thanks for noticing the new layout. I've haven't updated in a while, have I? Yes, it is Balmung from .hack//. Do you have any ideas for a new layout? I'd like to hear your suggestions?

I haven't seen the anime of .hack//, but I look forward to seeing it. I'm sure it's good. It does seem good, but they change the anime from the manga so I might not be expecting the same thing, right? Well, I hope to see it soon.

Perhaps tonight, I will be able to visit everyone's site. Or at least most. I'm sorry if I don't visit your site. Sometimes I miss the sites that update later than when I update. (BTW right here and now it's around 5:00pm.) Have a nice weekend everyone.

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