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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hello again friends....
Hello again and thanks for the comments. I have to agree that one job is better than no job, but again it's a pain to work your whole summer away. If you've been keeping up with the Olympics at all, the Chinese and USA are totally ahead in metals. The US has the most metals, but most of them are bronze. China has the second most metals, but most of them are gold. So...who's better? I think it just balances out.

Anyway, i want to post before i can't anymore because i might be too busy with school. So i mentioned that i got a job. My older sister is moving to college, so she's not gonna be around much anymore. It's kinda sad...but not really. One of my friends might be moving away from the state i live in to one far away. Hm...i'm not sure if it's definite yet, but i think it might be. My cousin had a baby. She's so cute and small. I bought a go board so now i can play go with my brothers. (at least when they feel like it) Time, time, time...I guess it's just a part of growing up.

BTW i added a new wallpaper. It might be kinda disappointing, but i thought it was kinda cool. It's called Inverted colors or something. Anyway, check it out sometime. Okay. Later.

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