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Thursday, June 5, 2008

School's out!... and I'm back...
Yes! School's out. I'm back and it feels good. Today was the last day of my freshman school year. Next year, i can pick on the freshies. Heh...no, not really. My bro is gonna be a freshman next year, but i ain't gonna pick on him or any of them.

Hmm... today was the last day of school. And i'm excited because i don't have to wake up so early anymore. ANd no more homework, projects, etc. I might be getting a summer job, but right now I'm not so sure. I wanna get my own computer so i don't need to fight my siblings for the computer.

I should tell ya'll about m y last day. After taking finals for a couple hours, lunchtime came and I went out to eat with my friends at subway. We walked since no one could drive. (we were all freshman and underaged for driving...) WE stopped at the gas station on the way back. My friend got some snowballs and we came back. I dunno. It sounds kinda lame, but i thought it was kinda fun.

I've been listening to Jay Chou's music. I really like it. It's Chinese pop...i think. i have some on imeem up. check it out sometime.

Hmm...it's not Friday yet. BTW i added a poem on theotaku. Check it out sometime. I know one of you has already looked at it. I won a contest or something with it...it was surprising because my poems are usually really cheese-y. I've started liking poetry more. I wonder why though 'cause i use to not like it so much. Maybe it's cause i've started to like music more. Who knows...

How have you all been? Please tell me anything you can bout yourselves. I've been gone for so long i'd like to be updated on all my otaku friends.

(BTW my plans for the summer are anime, manga, drawing, writing, listening to Jay Chou's music, other music, movies, and a whole bunch of stuff...like sleeping late or something.)

See ya soon

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