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Friday, February 1, 2008

Yes! It's Friday. I can't believe it came so fast. I guess it's because there were two snow days right in the middle of the week. It was awesome, but I don't think we're gonna have any more snow days for the rest of the school year. I don't want to make it up during the summer, but I wouldn't really mind all that much.
Thanks for the comments.
The new year's resolution that I was working on...I realized I didn't really need to worry about it that much. I guess I just wanted to put something down on paper.

I hope you all did well on midterms/finals last week or however long ago they were.

I like most of my new classes this semester. I have Drawing 1 with my sis who is a senior (I'm a freshman.) I also have Web Page Programming. Unfortunately, we're learning XHTML instead of HTML, so I feel like I'm relearning/not relearning stuff. It's strange, but it's fun. I have phy ed with just a few people I know, but we haven't really done anything yet. I also have Health class. The teacher is pretty cool, so I don't mind that class either. Other than those classes, I still have Japanese 1, Geometry, and English. Yep, school's good.

I haven't been reading for about three weeks, so I feel horrible. My life has been dull without reading. I'm gonna get my hands on a book soon...I hope. It must be because of studying for finals and being lazy. I can't wait to start reading again.

It's Friday. I'll try to visit as many of you as I can that are updated right now.

Answers:(hope you got them right)
1. Which anime/manga are these from?
black stones, white stones, go board, Fujiwara no Sai
Hikaru no Go

2. Which anime/manga are these from?
Ponyta, blastoise, venasaur, ketchum

3. Which anime/manga are these from?
seireitei, gigai, bankai, kon

4. Which anime/manga are these from?
onigiri, curse, Mabudachi Trio, Honda
Fruits Basket

5. Which anime are these from?
demons, gods, Irontown, curse, "Forest Spirit, we give you back your head. Take it and leave us in peace," last Emishi prince.
Princess Mononoke

6. Which manga are these from?
revenge, acting, L. M. E., Shotaro Fuwa
Skip Beat!

Should I continue Friday Qs or do a Japanese word on Friday? Hm...I'll do both for now. Please put in your opinion.

Friday Qs
1. Which manga is this? clue: chinese zodiac
2. Which manga is this? clue: CLAMP manga mix
3. Which manga is this? clue: hair cutting/styling
4. Which manga is this? clue: feel of past/future
5. Which manga is this? clue: gardening club

Japanese word of the day:
Hiragana: kiyou (kyou or quo)
Meaning: Today

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