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Friday, January 4, 2008

TGIF...I guess...
Fridays used to be great days for me that I looked forward to them. Nowadays, I fear them...(sorta). I'm such a coward. Anyway, I don't have any plans this weekend, but I hope you all have a good weekend.

Thanks for the comments. Fridays should be happy, but only if what lays beyond it is the same for everyone. Fortunately, most people I know love Fridays or at least don't detest it.

BTW I also thought more about my New Year Resolutions. Here's one you'll probably hate that you'd want to punch some sense into me. I'd like to do that too. Can't believe I actually thought like this, but we'll see what happens.

"I'll do whatever my parents want me to and not do what they don't want me to (most of it anyway). The only objection I'll have is kept by me and me alone in my heart, soul, and mind. Only I will have access to it. My feelings will not show through, and my face will train well to conceal all emotions brewing inside whether pleasant or not. Whenever exerting feelings, I will be alone where no one can see/hear. I will not befriend many for I don't know what to do with them anyway. I'll treat school as work and nothing more or less. I will train myself to be numb in all situations and control my emotions whatever they be and actions to the best of my intentions and power. I will do my best not to seek friendship/love in my life seriously and just comfort for me (and my one friend I cannot leave). I will live as vaguely and 'normal' as possible while I am alive for the next three/four years. I shall hope to fulfill these within my lifetime however long until I am free. Only then will I change/add new resolutions."

Scold me if you will for I wish to as well. What I just wrote is stupidity and fakeness. It's exactly what society (my society) wants me to do. I'll go along with it if I'll survive for now. Later will I do what I want. When you're still growing up at a young age, you really don't have a choice in much. Ex: babies don't get to choose which baby formula they drink or the diapers they wear. And every person doesn't get to choose the family they are born into or the exact features they want at birth and whatnot. Okay, enough of that.

As you can tell, lots happened during the break. Now it's Friday. Sorry If I don't get to you. My time on the computer is limited because of something that happened over the break.

Friday Q's
1. Which anime/manga is Kyohei Takano from?
2. Which manga is Kiri Koshiba from?
3. Which anime/manga is Tetsuo Kaga from?
4. Which manga/anime is Kazuya Aoike from?
5. Which anime is Dante from?

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