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Friday, December 14, 2007

Another tough week it's been. I'm so glad it's Friday, but of course the weekend's going to be even tougher. So, this week was my last week to work on my entrepreneur project for my second hour class and I finished it on Thursday at around 9:00 pm...I think. ANyway, it's done! Phew...
It took a lot of work because I had to make necklaces along with it because of my fickle mind. I finally decided on the snowflake thing as the base and the this shiny blue/silver paper as the petals (sorta like flower petals) and the necklace inside it. The flower petals fold up around the necklace. I thought it looked kinda...whatever at first, but now it's really pretty. My teacher was like...Wow...amazing when she saw it, so I was glad. Anyway, I'm selling it for $2.50 each. Maybe it's less than what it's worth or vice versa, but oh well. If all ten of them are sold, I get $25. Anyway, that's the cause of my tough week because I had to do that along with keeping up with my other homework.

Thanks for the comment. I'm glad some of you can relate to what a tough week is. And I'm really sorry for abandoning you all for two weeks. It's all my fault. Don't feel bad for me at all because you really shouldn't. Anyway, I'm going to visit as many that are updated as possible right after this post. I'm still on myotaku no matter what.

1. Have you read at least the first two volumes of Beauty Pop?
I have read only the first two volumes.

2. What is the club the three boys Narumi, Kei, and Ochiai made?
Scissors Project

3. What is the name of Kiri's cat?

4. (opinionated) Who is better at cutting hair? (kiri or narumi and why)
I say Kiri because in the first two volumes more of Kiri's life is seen than Narumi, so you see her do more haircutting than Narumi. Kiri can identify a few millimeters of hair that is cut or uncut that should be cut or not. I think that's important in a barber.

5. What is the thing Kiri always wears when cutting and styling hair (that possibly hides her identity)?
a cap

HOpe to see you soon.

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