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Friday, November 30, 2007

Yay! TGIF....!!!
Today didn't even feel like Friday. I'm serious. It felt like ... I don't know, Wednesday? Wow...school is really going by fast. I'm so glad though. This week had the most tests and quizzes and reviewing and assignments due and everything. I had three english assignments due. A geometry quiz on Tuesday. A science test on Wednesday and a review packet due the day before. Busy thursday. And History test Friday. Luckily no homework in geometry, japanese, history, and science. Yeah, this week was pretty easy. Maybe that's why it didn't feel like Friday.

What really stressed me out though was the History Test. We learned a lot of stuff and then we played Jeopardy for review the day before it, but our teacher was always gone, so he had to keep postponing the test and I was like so ready to take it. I'm glad the test was today. We'd have homework over the break otherwise. First it was Tuesday, but then changed it to Wednesday because it seemed like we'd have more time to study. Then he changed it to Thursday because we had to do an inclass assignment. Finally he moved it to Friday because he was gone Wed. for review. Yeah, it kept changing and I was studying every single night for an hour. Dang! Now I don't know if I did good on the test or not. Oh well. I know I studied so I'm guessing I got anywhere from a C to an A.

The lunch shifts changed, so I went from Lunch A to B. Then I went back to A. Yes, a stressing week indeed. So I had some people to sit with in lunch shift A. Then I went to lunch B and was all alone. The second day of lunch B, two girls whom I didn't really know decided to sit by me. Then I ate lunch A the next day because a student's schedule in my fifth hour class gets messed up. So I now eat lunch A all year. I get to eat lunch with my best friends now, so it works out fine.

BTW Thanks for the comments. Sorry it's so late in the post. I ramble on about random things way too much.
We should get paid for schoolwork. No, just kidding. If we got paid for it, inflation would come into play and...do I need to go any farther? It'd be nice though...I mean being rewarded every once in a while.
Is the wallflower anime really bad? Most of the shojo animes I've watched aren't very good, so...I'm not sure if I'll watch Wallflower. Maybe I'll watch the first episode just for the heck of it. Who knows?
Everyone is so busy. (some just lazy) Anyway, good luck to all on their work.

Today is Friday. I'll put up some questions for you.

Friday Q's
1. Have you read at least the first two volumes of Beauty Pop?
2. What is the club the three boys Narumi, Kei, and Ochiai made?
3. What is the name of Kiri's cat?
4. (opinionated) Who is better at cutting hair? (kiri or narumi and why)
5. What is the thing Kiri always wears when cutting and styling hair (that possibly hides her identity)?

Okay, that's all for today. I'll visit as many of you as I can. Later.

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