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Friday, November 2, 2007

Yay! It's Friday! The weeks are becoming too short. Or...it's the time in my life where all you can see are the years passing by. Reminds me of a song...Anyway, the weekend is coming.

Thanks for the comments. I was pretty sure of none, but you always surprise me somehow.

Halloween was pretty cool. Nothing great happened, but I'm still glad some people went trick-or-treating. I stayed home and watched my younger brother hand out candy. It was fun actually because I was in my black cloak when the kids came to trick-or-treat at our door. I probably looked pretty strange to them. Heh...too bad. Now we'll have to wait another year before Halloween comes again.

BTW I took a test in history class on Halloween. I took it and checked over my answers hoping for the best. Actually, I guessed on about a quarter of the questions. The next day I was freaking out about the results of the test because the unit was pretty difficult and because our teacher corrects the test in time to give us our results the next day. He wrote the scores on the board. The highest score was 100%, but only one person had that score. A few others got A's, about 5 got B's, 5 got C's, about 3 get D's and 10 people failed the test. It was pretty scary. Now I was freaking out even more. I know I took a lot of chances on a lot of questions, and I know I'm not very lucky, so I was so worried I had gotten an F. When I got my test back, I was pretty relieved. My score was...decent. I'm just so glad I wasn't one who failed. What I don't understand though was the fact that I got so many right and the ones I was guessing on I got right too. Anyway, I was just so mad last time I took a test in history because it wasn't what I was expecting. I'm glad I got a better grade this time. Do you have any weird experiences like this?

Friday! Time for answers and questions.

What are two definitions for kamikaze?
Divine Wind and suicide plane (during WWII)

Did ninjas and samurai really exist?

Who was the "real" last samurai?
Takamori Saigo

Who was both a samurai and ninja?
Hattori Hanzo

What was more fearful to samurai, a ninja's shuriken or a ninja-to?
Shuriken because the blades were dirty and an infection was one of the worst experiences a samurai could have. It could also be their last.

Friday Qs
What event/holiday did Sunako (from The Wallflower) miss when she was in her coffin?
Why does Sunako like Valentine's day?
What happened during your Halloween?

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