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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another day....
Thanks for the comments. Yeah, strange as it was somehow I won the contest. I'm guessing it's because there weren't that many entries anyway. BTW I did get rewarded with a borders gift card for $25. I lost $5, but gained $25. It is a win-win situation. Unfortunately, I never go to Borders, so I can't use it. I can always give it away or something.

Sorry for not posting on Friday. My sibs were on the computer and I think myO was down too. I'll post the answers this Friday. I'll try my best to get on on Friday.

Oh, I just remembered that tomorrow is gonna be halloween! It's a week after my b-day. BTW for my b-day, my parents decided to celebrate it along with the hmong new year, so I celebrated it this weekend. I was nervous because usually the guys of the family give me some advice for turning another year older and I just sit and listen to it before the b-day song and blowing out the candles. This is why I don't like parties. My cake was all white except for the blue lettering, so I used the blue pastry decorating spray and sprayed the edges of the cake. I have to say that I didn't think it was too bad. We also had egg rolls and some other food.

Presents! I got some presents too. My sis gave me presents the week before and you already know about them. My sis-in-law got me deodorant and breath mints, chocolate, white ink, and a cd player. There were some other stuff too, but I don't remember. The cd player is pretty cool though. the battery compartment is inside the cd player, and it has a remote control. The remote control is attached to it, but I can use it instead of touching the buttons on the cd player, so it's pretty cool. Also, the cd player plays cds, mp3s, and FM Radio. It's awesome.

Halloween EVe! That's today. Halloween is tomorrow, right? I don't know if I'm gonna dress up, but if I am I'm gonna wear my black emo cloak. It's so awesome. BTW I have a test tomorrow in History. I don't mind though. I know the stuff pretty well and my team won the review game we played today. Also, we won the last review game too. Maybe it's cause of me? Jk. I did provide a lot of the answers though. I'm hoping on an A at least. This is completely off topic, but my history teacher has this awesome halloween toy that is so awesome. It's like a witch or scary raggedy thing with long white scraggly hair sitting on a halloween-y chair and when you hit a button or snap your fingers or something it laughs and evil laugh and it's so awesome. I want it so bad. Too bad there's no Halloween shopping. Only christmas shopping. *sigh* Halloween is the only holiday I celebrate really.

It's getting kinda long. I'll stop here for today. I'll see ya'll later.

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