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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My b-day eve!!!!!!!!
Yep, it is my b-day eve. I'm excited. Don't know why. I'm usually not. I'm not expecting anything...maybe I'm just feeling good right now. I'm weird.

My sis already got me my b-day present. It's also Quinghe's b-day tomorrow. Ya'll don't need to know who Quinghe is. Just an important friend...I guess.
BTw my sis got me some yarn for knitting, pants that I love, and something else I'm not going to tell you, but girls probably have these.

It's testing week at school. It's only for the sophopmores, so i don't gotta go to school 'til 10:30 am. It's three hours later. I could sleep in if I wanted, but i don't have a ride, so I gotta take the bus. I don't mind. I like going early. Do stuff with your friends for three hours before school starts. It's Tues-Fri. This morning I drew a little bit and then played cards. It was fun, but my friends can be kinda loud. They're such cool people. REally energetic and all. I gotta do some stuff though. It's gonna get boring soon.

BTW I found out something yesterday. My sis and I bet on winning the reading poster contest. She said I won. My pic was up with my name and it said Frosh along with it. I thought she was lying, so i bet $5 on it. She probably had a good lunch. Turns out I did win the contest. It was so weird because I've never won anything before, especially not a contest. I always try not to win because ...I don't really care? It's pretty sweet though. Dunno if i get prizes or nothing, but it don't really matter to me.

I also got a pretty good grade on the science project I worked on. It was like a 94%, but it's still an A, so that works for me. I was expecting like a C- or something.

Gotta go soon. Not much homework this week. It'll be pretty sweet...I'm hoping.

(Aggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I need a digital camera or a scanner that works!!!!!!!!!!)

Have a good week. (don't forget to check Fri. for the answers to the answers)

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