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Friday, October 19, 2007

IT's friday! Good to be home from school, but I'm afraid of the weekend. I'm sure it'll be okay...yeah. I don't know if anything's happening, but I guess I can wait for the news.

Tough week this week. Other than having to finish the science project with my partner, I had a really bad fever on Tuesday night. Tuesday I went on a field trip to the landfill. It was cold that day and we went outside for almost an hour. Maybe I caught something. I'm not coughing or anything like that. I just had a really dizzy head and had a really bad fever. How can you tell? Since my family complains about me having really pale skin, you can tell if my cheeks are pink. They're usually only pink if I've been in the cold or if I'm having a fever.
The part that sucked the most was Tuesday night. I felt like I had to use the bathroom for #2 all night long, so I was afraid to fall asleep. I also got really cold, so I got another blanket on top of my first one. It felt nice and warm at first, but then it got too hot. It felt really hot, so I took the blankets off of me, but then it was too cold, then I covered myself again. Ah...it was so annoying. I only got like 5-6 hours of sleep that night. It sucked so bad. The next day at school, I felt dizzy and couldn't concentrate on anything. I came home with a fever and my mom drugged me. (Just kidding) She gave me medicine for my head and my stomach. I probably took two different kinds medicines for my head because nothing was working. Thursday morning felt better. Today I feel even better than either of the last two days, so all feels well right now.

BTW Thanks for the comment. As far as my poster goes, I don't think I won. I mean, I've seen some other posters that are more genius than mine. Seriously. There's always something better. I didn't really plan to win, but I love being able to do good art for a project when I can and have enough time. Art is just...so fun. The presentation...well, I don't know. Science...I don't know yet. I can wait. I guess when the weekend is here, I don't really care. Isn't that what the weekend is for? Taking a break from school...right?
Ten-ten...yeah, that means dot-dot, right? The circle would be...un, maru? I think... Anyway, Japanese class is my favorite class. It's so fun. We're gonna do a fund raiser soon. It's for the Japanese class and club. We're gonna watch the Japanese version of Pulse in the club. I wanna see it, but I'm not in the club. Hmm....I've seen the American version. I kinda liked it. I thought it was kind of similar to something. Now that I think about it, it's similar to The Ring because of the color of the movie. It's all blue and dark and creepy. Anyway, it's gonna be fun.

I don't wanna post much more today. It's too long. I wanna visit some sites too. It's just too bad some people only come to answer my Friday Qs. That's why I made some questions pertaining to my posts...hahaha, I know it's evil. Anyway, it's Friday.

Which anime character is in my reading poster?
(Hint: it was in my last post)

Which characters in my fan art were drawn in color? (Hint: look in my fan art)
Naruto and Naruko

What is the total number of things in my portfolio? (Hint: go to my portfolio)

Friday Qs
What are two definitions for kamikaze?
Did ninjas and samurai really exist?
Who was the "real" last samurai?
Who was both a samurai and ninja?
What was more fearful to samurai, a ninja's shuriken or a ninja-to?

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