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Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday again...
Thanks for the comments. I don't think I can get to any of your pages today. I'm really sorry. I'll put up my poster when I get it back...if I do get it back.

BTW I got yesterday and today off from school. Teacher's convention stuff. It's not always great though. I get to stay home, but I feel like I'm getting lazy again. That's when i feel like working, so I don't really mind if my mom yells at me for being too lazy. I really think I am lazy. Seriously. I'm hardly doing any of my chores anymore since high school's started. This ain't good.

I forgot to tell you that last week, my brother brought home a baby think it over baby. What makes it funny is that so many people came over to our house for multiple reasons. I remember the experience. It was annoying. (Maybe I shouldn't have kids. haha) Anyway, it was interesting to watch my younger bro have to experience it too.

There's not much going on except for homework and a project I'm working on in science. It's about nuclear power plants and how the energy is gathered and used. It's pretty interesting. I'm working with a partner on it. Other groups got stuff like coal power plants or wind energy or something like that. We're doing these projects because we're in the climate unit. Also, global warming has a part in it too. Maybe I should spend less time on the computer?...

That's all for today.

Is Takaya Natsuki right-handed or left-handed?
Left handed (I learned it from reading the side columns) BTW she's the manga-ka for Fruits Basket

What was Kyoko's gang name? (just her name)
The Red Butterfly

What is your Chinese Zodiac sign/animal?
Mine is the monkey...Ritsu!!!!

Friday Qs
Which anime character is in my reading poster?
(Hint: it was in my last post)
Which characters in my fan art were drawn in color? (Hint: look in my fan art)
What is the total number of things in my portfolio? (Hint: go to my portfolio)

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