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Friday, October 5, 2007

Thanks for the comments. I'm at my usual 5 comments. I found out that the people at my house were there for a traditional practice thing. You don't really need to know about it. I hid in my room most of the time anyway. My weekend actually wasn't so bad. It wasn't great either, but I guess it's better than some other weekends. Another weekend is coming up. I finished most of my homework, so I just need to study for some of my quizzes next week. Seriously, I NEED to study. I'm dull in some of classes.

Today...is Friday. Stuff happened at school and other stuff happened here and there. Nothing particularly interesting. I handed in my reading poster today. I went a totally different direction with it. It has The Great Escape written on it in big red letters with a 3-D effect. In the middle is Gaara and he's standing in front of a door. It's a two door doorway. One door is closed, but the other is slightly opened and it's shining a bright light. I thought it was good enough to hand in, but then I saw one that was awesome. It used about the same colors as mine (red, yellow, black), but it seemed much more genius.

There is a book I'm reading though.
It's called Detour for Emmy. It's about a 15 year old freshman girl who is just starting high school and somehow gets a boyfriend and starts you-know with him. It eventually gets her pregnant and now she needs to tell him, but when she does he denies that it could ever happen since they were always careful. That's about as far as I am so far. It's a well-written book, but I've skipped so many pages because of the sex scenes and crap.

It's Friday, so I guess I should do something. The week sure went by fast, didn't it? BTW I forgot to post some of the answers.

Who starred in "The Number 23"?
Jim Carry

What is the square root of 529?

Friday Q's
Is Takaya Natsuki right-handed or left-handed?
What was Kyoko's gang name? (just her name)
What is your Chinese Zodiac sign/animal?

That's all for this Friday. I'll see ya.

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