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Friday, September 28, 2007

It's Friday! I feel like I should do something on Friday. What's better is that I don't have any homework. Yay! It's because of homecoming. Ugh! I don't like homecoming week because it's so...crazy. I guess I find it kinda stupid, but that's because I don't have much school spirit. ANyway, I'll probably have to "do" stuff this weekend since I got no homework to do. Oh, well!

Thanks for the comments. Yes, high school still sucks, but it's not so bad after a while. It might be just me, but after a while of school, I go numb (sorta mentally like not caring) and can go through school just fine. It's like it doesn't really matter what's happening as long as you're breathing and ...stuff...oops! I started rambling off into the unknown again, huh? Sorry.

As for the poster, I still haven't decided yet, but that idea of the perverted hermit with a make out paradise book doesn't seem too bad. I just don't know how I'd draw it. (I don't think I can draw him either. I can only draw a few Naruto characters. I can't draw Sasuke either.) I actually came up with some ideas. One is of anime characters who don't usually read reading, and RARE is written towards the bottom. (One character I tried out was Hanajima from Fruits Basket.) I also tried the "Full Picture" idea. It's where one idea is "highlighted" in some way, and then you look out of the box and you see someone actually reading instead. BTW it doesn't have to promote only reading. It can also promote the library.

BTW there's a book I've been reading. I actually started on Wednesday and finished yesterday. It was pretty good. It wasn't like a book that would win an award or anything, but it was fun to read. I was hooked from the beginning.

To sum it up I'll tell you what it was mainly about. A high school boy makes a joke that some people take seriously and report to the principal. These detectives come and ask him about "blowing up the school". Yes, it was a bomb scare. He denies that he seriously desired to bomb the school, which is true, but no one believes him except for one girl who is a tough, but cool athlete. She knows what he joked about, so she finally convinces the principle that he's innocent and after a lot of stuff, he is no longer "guilty". He still is known as the boy who tried to blow up the school, although it never was true. He's left without a friend and the girl that helped him avoids him too. He starts getting pretty emo (I'd say). (In fact, he wrote a story about lethal injection.) If you want to find out more, read the book. It was pretty good though.
BTW I'm picking up a novel called Define Normal. It's really good, I heard. I hope so. Also, Platinum Garden v.1 and Shaolin Soccer. I've been wanting to see it, but I've never had the chance. I heard it's really funny.

I should start a Friday something. It's because most Fridays, I think I'm going to be posting. Does that sound like a good idea? Please let me know.

Friday Qs
Who starred in "The Number 23"?
What is the square root of 529?
What is the total sum of your name?
(Hint: A=1, B=2, C=3, etc.)

Have a good weekend.

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