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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What's been happening...
Before I start updating my life, I'd like to thank you for the comments. I hope that everyone who has school, whether it be middle school, high school, or college I hope you all have a great year. Make new friends or learn or have fun with your friends or whatever. I hope you all also may adjust to your classes. And don't drop out of school. Though some people have become great from dropping out of school, I don't recommend it. Good luck to the coming school year to you all.

BTW my family has started shopping for the school year. You know, clothes and supplies. Yesterday my two sisters and I went shopping. It took like 5 hours because my little sis was so picky and only picked the most expensive clothes. I am not a great fan of shopping, so I was in hell (sort of). I'd rather shop for food or something. Or not shop at all. Anyway, we went to Target first and then we went to the mall. We got some stuff from there too.

Today I'm going to go shopping again because I couldn't find good pants yesterday. There are also a few other things I need to find. New things are usually nice though, so that's what makes shopping okay for me. Let's move on to anime and manga.

I've started reading Beauty Pop. I love it. It's about a high school girl who can make girls pretty or cute by cutting and styling their hair. There's also a guy at school who does the same thing, and he plans to become #1 in Japan someday. Anyway, as the story develops the guy and girl compete. It's pretty interesting though I've only read the first volume. It's awesome, and I recommend it to people who like fashion or just great manga (art). It's a shojo manga by the way. I'm also reading Hana Kimi and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeane. Rurouni Kenshin too. I didn't read it until a few months ago because I wasn't sure if it would be interesting. It's full of action and actually could have helped me with my National History DAy project on Ninjas and Samurai. It has a lot of info on swords, sword techniques, and the Meiji Era. I could have used so much of it on my project. Oh well. Anyway, I love that series too.

I guess there's not much to post anymore. Have a good day everyone!

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