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Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm back and school's gonna start in month....
It's August, and school is on it's way. I'm so glad that school's starting again. Perhaps I just like change because all last year I was hoping summer would come faster. Now I'm wishing for school to come. HOw many of you are excited about going back to school? I'm guessing some of you or a lot of you are wishing for more summer, right? ANwyay, we all have our preferences. I'm excited to go to highschool, but I'm a coward, so I'll probably be doing nothing interesting for the first semester. Oh well.

Thanks for the comment AZ. I'm glad you're still reading my posts. Thanks for anyone else who also read it, but couldn't post for some unknown reason.

Nothing new with summer. All the work and events have gone by, so nothing new to post. This is a short post compared to my other ones. It's all I have to say though. Have a good day.

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