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Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Bg...
You can probably see I've changed the background image. I've been playing around with html on the html tuturial and other html sites. I never realized how fun it could be. I guess I was just bored when I decided on doing html.

Thanks for the comments. 8 comments?! I think that is the most I've gotten so far. Maybe it's because I have more time I'm visiting more sites and people are commenting back on mine. Sweet!! I also want to thank you for those of you who took a look at my fan art. Thank you.

Today it's a bit more cloudy here, but there's no precipitation. I hope it rains today at least, but there's a small party for my cousin who graduated from something again. Yeah, she's an overachiever for sure. I don't plan on sewing or reconstructing things for a while now. I think time, space, and distance makes the heart fonder for things.

I need to end my post here and now because I'm going to the library. I'll check your sites over there if I have enough time. I should be able to get to most of your sites. It's about noon here, so maybe a third of you have updated. I'm sorry if I can't visit. Okay, later.

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